Dear brother,

With this crisis, the Syrian people are suffering, rest assured that your ZAKAH money is greatly blessed being spent in Syria.

In Arabic, ZAKAH means purification, growth and blessing. There are two types of ZAKAH that Muslims pay each year:

Zakah al-maal (purification of wealth) is a charitable practice that requires all able Muslims (those who meet the minimum wealth requirement of nisab, 3 ounces of gold) to contribute a fixed portion of their wealth to help the needy, generally 2.5% of an individual or family’s savings once every year to help the needy.

Zakah al-fitr is an obligatory charity, currently estimated at $10 per person, about the price of 3 kg of rice or grain that must be paid by a head-of-household on behalf of each member of his or her household before Eid al-Fitr prayer (an early, congregational prayer that takes place the day after Ramadan ends).

Distribution of ZAKAH money:

American Relief Fund ( ARF ) will collect and distribute ZAKAH money in accordance with Islamic laws, and as mentioned in the Holy QUR’AN will make sure your ZAKAH donation will be distributed to beneficiaries who meet the requirements for receiving ZAKAH. When you donate to our ZAKAH fund, your donation may go toward providing food and basic necessities to the needy inside Syria, or in refugee camps.

Please, do not forget to mark your donation as ZAKAH money.