As a whole, Orphan Sponsorship is the number one priority for American Relief Fund ( ARF ) in its activities.

In all war conflicts, the innocent children are often the most inflicted. The Syrian conflict isn’t any different. With tens of thousands of children killed, and close to six million children displaced inside Syria and in refugee camps in neighboring countries; makes the Syrian children’s tragedy the worst since World War II.

Therefore, we, at American Relief Fund (ARF ) concentrate most of our effort towards projects that are geared to help and support the Syrian children such as:

– Orphan Sponsoring in all the different cities of Syria.

$75 will support a child for one month ($900 a year).

400 children are currently sponsored by American Relief Fund (ARF).

15000 the approximate number of documented children on waiting list.

Establishing orphanages inside Syria and in neighboring countries to house, educate, and care for Syrian children who lost both of their parents.

Currently, we sponsor an orphanage in Raihaniya, Turkey.

Please, donate generously, so together we can alleviate some of their sadness.