Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, American Relief Fund ( ARF ) mobilized and worked with the different communities to collect goods and basic survival necessities, such as clothing, shoes, blankets, and medical supplies to ship in containers to neighboring countries of Syria like Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. From there, these containers were either distributed to the Syrian refugees in these countries’ refugee camps, or sent through the border to be distributed to the poor people inside of Syria.

If you would like to donate goods and basic survival necessities such as clothing, shoes, blankets, etc…please, contact us via phone 714 853 1021 or email [email protected] to arrange for pick up or drop off locations.

And if you would like to donate money to help pay for the shipping cost of the containers, please mail your donation to the address listed on the bottom of the page, or simply click on the donate now link.

Please, give generously, so together we can help alleviate their need.